Friday, 21 October 2011

Practical Considerations

Practical considerations influence how we engage in our activities or occupations. It is the supply of objects or tools necessary to effectively perform and engage in our occupations (Christiansen & Townsend,2004).
Everyone who engages in any activity needs to be aware of practical considerations. Practical considerations has the ability to hinder our performance and engagement in an activity. For example, I was off to the gym as it was raining outside, so I decided I just wasn't in the mood to set off for a run in the cold rain. I took a look down at myself, I had my socks, running shoes, exercise shorts, a singlet and jacket for after the gym so I didn't get too cold. I myself looked prepared. So on the way to my car I quickly grabbed a towel and my ipod. However this was my mistake, I arrived at the gym and began pedaling on the exercise bike, pedaling in time to the song playing through my ipod. I move on to the cross trainer, and that's when I take a proper look at my ipod and realise its on red alert for battery. I begin to panic and go very fast on the cross trainer, as I know I only have a little time left before my ipod runs out of battery. Not checking the level of battery on my ipod was a practical consideration, I did not take into consideration in this instance. I rely very heavily on my ipod when exercising and if my ipod runs out of battery I stop exercising. My ipod motivates me to exercise, and I must consider this factor when engaging in exercise.

Christiansen, C. & Townsend, E. (2004). Introduction to Occupation: The Art and Science of Living. New Jersey: Pearson Education Inc.

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