Thursday, 20 October 2011


Ambience is defined as "the atmosphere of a place" (Collins English Dictionary, 2003). I interpret ambience as the mood or feelings a particular environment can give you.
In terms of exercise, the ambience it gives me varies depending on what exercise I am doing and where I am doing it. Throughout this post I will compare the ambience when firstly; exercising at the gym and secondly the ambience when walking on the river bank.
It's a Wednesday morning, a morning where I don't have a class to go to, so decide I have no excuse to not go the gym. On arrival at the gym I put my bag into a locker and quickly scan the room to see how busy it is. They gym always has a hot stuffy feel to it, not a feeling that I particularly like. Music is playing across the speakers in the room, however like always, I quickly put my ipod speakers in (so I am able to zone out). I select the exercise bike and begin pedaling while listening to my 'exercise playlist' on my ipod. I start to look around the room, at the other women's faces, I notice that no one is smiling or looking particularly happy. All women in the gym are on their 'individual missions', very much consumed in what they are doing and ultimately getting it done.
This ambience of individual missions is in complete contrast to the ambience of exercise when walking on the river bank.
I decide after being in a class room all day, a walk on the river bank with my dog, Frieda is exactly what I need. So off we walk, me and Frieda on our usual 4km river bank loop. It is a loop we are both familiar with, so familiar that I let Frieda off the lead so she can roam freely. The air is crisp and I breathe it in, appreciating every breath of fresh air. The river, the trees and the grass all different shades of vibrant greens. These greens give me a sense of peace and stillness. The ambience of the river bank is a calm, peaceful one. An ambience which I love.

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